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x-traction point

Last year at CONFidence, attendees saw the birth of a new challenge game – an immersive and detailed contest that was both physically and technically demanding. Entitled X-traction Point, this game involved a two-person team-based assault on the secure bunker of ZłoCo in order to rescue a trapped hostage by agents who were simultaneously attempting to hack systems, disable alarms, and shoot at targets. This year’s installment continues that same trend.

The story:

Last year’s mission was a success. The Infiltration Agent was successful in erasing all of the files that ZłoCo had been collecting on citizens for years, including all records that they had compiled about the Underground Alliance… a group of cypherpunks dedicated to privacy and freedom of information.

Because all records of the Underground Alliance were expunged, ZłoCo was unable to track them or retaliate. Furious at their inability to persue these digital rebels on the ground, the evil company is taking to the skies. ZłoCo has developed missile technology and is planning to fire upon a large communication sattelite that the Underground Alliance has hacked repurposed for secure cryptographic transmissions. Infiltrators and spies within the ZłoCo empire identified the remote facility which houses a missile silo and passed word along to the Underground Alliance.
After befriending and seducing one of the ZłoCo employees at this mountain site, the rebels hatched a plan to destroy the missile facility. By turning this ZłoCo technician into their own Sabatoge Agent and enlisting her help in initiating a launch of the rocket without proper procedure and with the silo still closed, they hope to obliterate ZłoCo’s ability to make war in the heavens and to keep their crypto satellite safe.
Everything was going according to plan until someone else at the missile facility became suspicious. The Sabotage Agent was removed from her post and held in an interrogation room. Given enough time, it is likely that someone from ZłoCo will discover the commands that have been specially-prepared and entered into the missile system. It is up to you to help the Sabatoge Agent complete her mission! You will have to breach the bunker, free your fellow rebel, and escape to the waiting helicopter once she has completed her work.

The mission:

As before, two candidates form paired teams for every run of the x-Traction Point course. One candidate is a Support Agent: their job is to jack in to various communication lines and help with the monitoring of cameras, the hacking of alarms, and the providing of information to the Field Agent. However… this year the Support Agent will have to be up for some kinetic tasks, as well!
The Field Agent is responsible for the principal assault on the bunker. As the team approaches, the Field Agent will fire upon sentry equipment in order to disable guns and lights and allow access to the facility. However, once the team has advanced to a forward position, the Field Agent will turn over their submachine gun to the Support Agent, in case additional firepower is required outside. The Field Agent will proceed in armed only with a pistol, for subduing any guards encountered inside. The hope is that it doesn’t come to that, however… as stealth will be rewarded above brute force.
As the Support Agent gains access to networked cameras, they will be able to communicate and describe the scene within. Radio contact will have to be very subtle, but the Field Agent should then be able to proceed inside, picking locks and bypassing alarm circuts in order to reach the captured Sabotage Agent.
Dodge the guards, attack the systems, and attempt to unlock additional documents and equipment as you make your way to the interrogation room. If you can manage to free the captured rebel, get her back to the computer interface where she will initiate the missile destruction sequence. After that, it’s up to everyone to get out of there as fast as possible, without setting off alarms, in order to reach the x-Traction Point for evac!

The training:

The above mission will take place on Day Two of CONFidence. Day One will be spent on training and qualification games for all participants.
There will be three training areas: lockpicking, wired systems, and shooting. Lessons and trainings will run throughout the first half of Day One.
Lockpicking – Basic intro to lockpicking will be taught and handcuff escapes will also be explained. Qualifing games will involve seeing how quickly contestants can open a series of locks and escape from restraints.
Wired Systems – From teleco jacking and some old phreaking tactics to modern alarm system tapping and code-sniffing, this will be the most detailed training and there will be either one or two mini-games which test your skills at deciphering alarm signals and making phone calls in unconventional ways.
Shooting – Like last year, a basic shooting range will be set up for everyone’s enjoyment and then qualifying rounds will involve seeing how quickly people can fire successfully at a series of fixed targets.

Team preparation:

The two top-scoringcandidates in each of the mini-games will be allowed to pick a teammate and decide who will act as Field Agent and who will act as Support Agent when they run the x-Traction Point game course. No matter how well someone does in the mini-games, they may only be on a single team on Day Two… so 3rd or even 4th place qualifying people might still be part of an assault team.
Once teams are determined, the candidates will be given an Intelligence and Objectives Packet regarding the bunker (because secret details were leaked out by the ZłoCo employee who turned rogue) and the assault teams will determine how best to set up their gear and equipment on the next day.
All necessary equipment and rigging gear will be made available on Day Two and it is up to the Field Agent and Support Agent to determine exactly how they wish to prepare for their assault mission.


As described above, the idea is to get in, collect intelligence, collect your teammate, and get out again… all without setting off alarms or running out of time. Assault missions will have 30 minutes to complete, and it may take every moment of that available time in order to accomplish all of the goals outlined in the Intelligence and Objectives Packet.
The Support Agent and the Field Agent should have reliable radio communications between each other the whole time, although extra points will be awarded if the Field Agent does not speak out loud once they have entered the bunker.
A guard will be present inside the ZłoCo facility, and they will make periodic and routine checks of the missile silo and the hostage room. By monitoring the camera feeds, the Support Agent should be able to inform the Field Agent of when it is safe to move or when it is best to hide.
Once you have freed the captured Sabotage Agent, things become more critical. If the guard notices that she is missing, alarms can go off. Once she has entered the destruct codes, the missile silo will begin arming. Get out of there and make it to the x-Traction Point so that you can all escape to safety!


X-traction Point 2012 Trailer przez proidea

X-traction Point 2013 przez proidea

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