Confidence - (28-29.05 2013 Krakow)
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Bio: “MC” is a security consultant who works at FortConsult in Copenhagen, Denmark.
He is a jaded intercontinental man of mystery who spent too many years in the Infosec industry.
He has presented at POC (South Korea) and once had a talk accepted at Defcon (US).
He likes to mod his TR-808 when off-duty.

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Ph0k 0-days, We Will Pwn U with Hardware Mofos

“MC”, Yaniv Miron

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We gives you the ultimate hardware hacking kit.
Wanna pwn some banks? Wanna own big companies? You need some boost up. We will show you that your current set of tools is not enough. You need to have some help from hardware, like 007.
We have bundled a set of hardware hacking tools that will assist you.
For example we will show you how to bypass typical corporate Windows 7 machines with Bitlocker encryption enabled, dump and extract goodies from memory, long range RFID tricks to copy ur CEOs proxcard, using hardware screenloggers (not the old crappy keyloggers – cuz everybody knows them and it’s lame) and more. You have to be there – cuz we rock.