Confidence - (28-29.05 2013 Krakow)
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Jesse Burns

Jesse Burns

Bio: Jesse Burns co-founded iSEC Partners in San Francisco California. He works there as Vice President of Research, and helps many of iSEC’s clients identify and address their most pressing application security concerns. He has worked and presented extensively on the security aspects of mobile platforms, operating systems, and security testing techniques. His research interests are varied but include X509, SSL, Android, authentication protocols, virtualization and enterprise software. Jesse has spoken internationally at venue’s including Black Hat USA, Microsoft, Adobe, CCC, Defcon, Confidence and OWASP.

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Securing Data in Mobile Application Suites

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Building sets of applications that work together, securely sharing data between them is a common challenge for developers at large companies. On mobile platforms like Android and IOS, this challenge has new dimensions. This talk will discuss how mobile security models need to be worked with in order to safely share data between members in families of applications without also allowing attackers access. Android and IOS have very different ways of achieving similar security goals, and this talk will cover how to leverage the tools these platforms provide, as well as provide some advice for checking that your protections worked. The talk will also discuss user security expectations.