Confidence - (28-29.05 2013 Krakow)
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Lightning Talks

Just like during the previous edition CONFidence, we want to continue the Lightning Talks initiative. Description of what lightning talks are and how to take part in them can be found below.

What is a Lightning Talk?
Lightning talks are extremely short presentations. They usually last about 4 or 5 minutes. Speakers present the general idea about the subject and allow for a few questions. General description can be found here.

Lightning Talks will be held between the main conference talks. Check out the schedule below for details.

Who can present?
Every attendee of the conference is allowed to prepare and submit a presentation.

What are the topics covered?
Topics might range from the new 0-days, through a description of your daily work or projects you participate in or even concern general life topics. If you have an idea to present to the audience, want to introduce people to a project you’re working on, or start a disussion on an interesting topic, feel free to apply.

Just as a reminder, any abusive content will be prohibited.

When to apply?
The sooner the better. As soon as you register to the conference you can submit a presentation. You can also submit a talk during the conference for as long as there are some slots left. There will be a person assigned as a master of ceremony later on.

What to submit?
You need to submit a title, short description (abstract), language and contacts to be displayed at the webpage.

What is the format?
Presentations will be 5 minutes long with additional 2 minutes for questions with additional minute for preparing and launching a presentation on a screen.

What is the equipment?
There will be a laptop ready at the stage, where you can launch a presntation in PDF. You can also use your own laptop.

Where can I submit?
Before the conference you can submit by sending an e-mail to Slawomir Jabs. During the conference there will be another person assignated to convey the LTs.